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In our Case Study, we demonstrate how Safety Reward can be economically beneficial to its clients. However, Safety Reward offers much more than monetary benefits.

Active Participation

Employees are much more safety conscious when they are active participants in a safety incentive program. Safety Reward allows the employees to set their own safety goals. The more they participate in the program, the more points they earn. As a result, the employees become eligible for incentives of increasing value.

Bring Safety Home

The Safety Reward Program takes its philosophy of employee involvement a step further by making safety a family affair.

Unlike traditional programs, Safety Reward offers employees a wide choice of incentives for achieving their safety milestones. Each program is customized to offer incentives appropriate to the company's employee demographic. The incentives chosen are appealing to the employees and/or their family members. To increase family involvement, the catalogue is made accessible outside of the workplace. Family members help the employee set a safety goal and actively encourage job safety to see that goal attained.

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